Friday, May 25, 2018


by eric d. graham

The scripture says, My people perish for a lack of knowledge….

Why? Because, within one month, I have seen Black people with their arms crossed, cheering Wakanda, while wear “African” dashikis for a CIA-copted Black SuperHero named the Black Panther to showing love for Meghan Markle and “Prince” Harry the next.

Say what? This can’t be real. I know my people didn’t fall for the okey-doke. Because, they went from fairy tale to Tales of the Crypt within a blink of an eye. They went From Wakanda to Zamunda-Eddie Murphy style. But, it all looked fake to me. Like, McDowell’s famous family restaurant in Coming to America. As Donald Trump would say, “This is all fake news…..”

Why do I say this? Because, according to Kehinde Andrews, an associate professor of sociology at Birminghham City University, who launched the first Black Studies degree in Europe told Newsweek magazine, while Markle is seen a beacon of progress for the UK, "She won’t be allowed to be a Black princess. The only way she can be accepted is to pass for white.... therefore, if people are celebrating, it’s a bit naive, and they’ll be very disappointed.”

So, honestly, what are we really celebrating here? And, who is Meghan Markle? -And, when did she become the proto-type for a “Black Princess.” Seriously, “Fool me once; shame on me. Fool me twice; Shame on you.”

Yes, despite all of this, oddly, I heard some Black women all teary-eyed discussing how beautiful this event was, while trying to convince me how much these two (scandalous) strangers were really in love with one another. But, when, they began to search for this newly wedded couple’s last name, their google search left them with a blank face. Why? Because, despite the so-called royal madness, their family secrets were finally revealed.

Because, they were nothing, but a bunch of Neo-Nazis. So, it wasn’t All Heil To The Queen!!! It was All Heil Hitler!!!! Yes, the so-called royal family, were of German stock. And, their last name was not Windsor. It was Sax-Coburg & Goetha. Therefore, all of that “Melanin magic” and spiritual energy given to this Roman-antic (trick) known as the royal wedding, should have been given to our “Shining Black Prince" Malcom X, whose soul was born on the same exact day as this “un-holy matrimony”.

Metaphysically, this, however, wasn’t a coincidence that these two-opposing events occurred on the same day. Because, we must remember, that these people are “spiritual vampires.” –A bloody, bunch of alleged “blue-bloods,” whose history of inbreeding, needed a little “blackness or Moorish” blood in their DNA in order to survive the next 70 years, as they tried to re-boost and re-brand their dying influence in the new global world. Especially, after the mysterious “murder” of Princess Diana, who “allegedly” was pregnant with child before that tragic car crash in the tunnel in London.

Therefore, despite the British trying to market Meghan Markle, who seemingly tried to shield her blackness, while maneuvering in the confinement of Hollywood stardom as the new “Black Cinderella,” with the assistance of Hollywood producers and the help of British Intelligence, which many of us, with our eyes in a daze like Kanye West when he consciously decided to stupidly put on that cheap Walmart looking Let’s Make America Great Again hat, “shamefully” celebrated and promoted it as if it was a moment of “Black” pride.

See, most of us historically failed to realize, who these people really are. But, for some odd reason, we pretended that we were somehow connected to this snobbish, snooty, phony privileged class, who felt that they were somehow divine and better than the rest of us.

Again, the scriptures warned us “Envy not, the ways of the oppressor….”

However, we couldn’t avoid all the background noise coming from the Black choir or the cooning of the Black residing Bishop. As a result, in the end, we still showed love for “our colonizers,” while failing to remember their hidden history and the evil that the British Monarchy and British Empire possessed. Especially, when it established its wealth through genocide, the selling of our ancestors in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, by raping the national resources from our homeland, by selling drugs (opium) throughout the globe, while developing the eugenics program as well as the creation of the racist apartheid state of Israel and the oppressive regime that occurs in Saudi Arabia.

With evidence, like this, I don’t think I can celebrate anyone, who would want to marry into a family like the Sax-Coburg & Goetha. Sorry, Meghan, you can’t play both sides of the fence.
Therefore, be careful, not to end up like Halle Barry in the movie Queen after the Honeymoon....(

Monday, May 21, 2018


“I am the man-You think you are…..”-Cornell West, Black Prophetic Fire
by eric d. graham

Despite all of his abilities, the Black Panther could never defeat Erik Killmonger, whose real name is N’Jadaka in combat. And, the movie Black Panther, in the age of Donald Trump, tried to explore the civil war between the “so-called African-American” presence (Killmonger) versus the “colonial African” mind(Black Panther) But, some of us chose to view this film, with historical amnesia, intellectual narrow-ness, in fear that the trans-Atlantic dialogue might reveal, who we really are. Especially, in the larger world and within this complex Marvel Universe.
See, the Black Panther film was more than just a comic book movie. Because, it had philosophical and psychological implications, which attempted to explore our “combative imagination” that historically has caused a split within our psyche.
It was the Black Bourgeoisie versus The Black Revolutionary. DuBois vs Garvey. Malcolm vs. Martin. Separation vs. Integration. Obama vs. Jeremiah Wright. The Moses Generation vs. The Joshua Generation. The 1% vs the 99. That, Black Prophetic Fire vs. the Black Political Voice.
See, Killmonger (like Warmonger) wasn’t simply jockeying for a leadership position. He wanted to free all oppressed people in the world by “All Means Necessary.” He had a prophetic vision. Some may disagree with my premise. But, he was thinking “Collectively instead Individualistically.” It was Freedom or Death. Nothing Else. No Compromise. Killmonger didn’t want popularity. So, he refused to be “well-adjusted” when it came to seeking Justice within the unjust world. Therefore, he became- what Frantz Fanon caused the Wretched of the Earth, whose deep desperation and hunger for truth and justice, produced a courageous combative anti-Empire soul, who refused to be a conformist.

Why? Because, in the movie, Michael P. Jordan, who also played Oscar Grant, was viewed as a villain, a criminal and a no-good THUG by the people of Wakanda as well as most moviegoers. Even though, he was a graduate of M.I.T with a Ph.d in Engineering. Hence, as Dr. Amos Wilson states, “If, you are viewed as a criminal, (they) deal with you criminally. Therefore, (they) don’t owe you justice. Therefore, (they) can shoot you in the street. This is Justice (to them). So, what are you complaining about.” The Nation of Wakanda was no different, unfortunately, when it came to Killmonger, whose name came from all the people he had killed as a Black Ops soldier.
On the other hand, the Black Panther had a political idea. So, he did what most, “well-adjusted” politician do. He sold his soul (Obama-style) for a Neo-liberal position and became an extension of the greater empire, while protecting white supremacy and the hidden hand of the intelligence community in the form of the CIA. And, the people as well as the moviegoers loved him for it. Hence, he gained access to the United Nation at the end of the battle with Killmonger. No different than Obama, who “metaphorically” tossed the Honorable Louis Farrakhan as well as his former pastor Jeremiah Wright, a student of Black Liberation Theology, over the waterfall, in order to gain access to the White House, while preserving American Imperialism by constantly supporting their agenda and remaining us constantly that he was “The President of the United States not Black America…”
Yes, T’Challa, in this twisted Marvel Universe, became a symbolic image, who represented that Black professional class, whom the people followed like the piped piper and blindly protected like the female bodyguards, who circled the Black Panther throughout the movie.

Let’s not forget, that the Black Panther only cared about the security of Wakanda and no one else. Plus, Wakanda was hidden in secrecy and isolated from the outside world. And, this isolationism is one reason, they refused to accept Killmonger, even though he was from their own divine bloodline, who somehow had been tainted and demonized in America.
I will utilize the words of Professor Cornell West to explain myself… “the ideology of the self-made man is the benchmark of spiritual immaturity and the chilliness of American culture, that believes we gave birth to ourselves….This is a part of the American Exceptionalism, (in this case Wakandan Exceptionalism). This is a rigid, raggedy idea…that’s wrong. It’s a species of mendacity, which hides and conceals the degree that we are all interdependent. That, we are all shaped by those that came before us. The degree that all of us must come to terms with the circumstance not of our own choosing.”
Killmonger shows signs of this after becoming a fatherless child, while suffering with the rage and pain of being abandoned by his family. However, the Black Panther and the nation of Wakanda also display this as well as in their sense of arrogance and entitlement by rejecting and denying Killmonger when he returned home like the prodigal son. We, unfortunately, see traces of this in our own families, where fathers have denied their own children, while families continue to conceal the fact the children have been born in order to protect the social status of the family. Or, women, who have left their own children with grandma down South, in order to pursue careers up North, while pretending the child never existed and never coming back home to see it.
Yes, there are many layers presented in the Black Panther if we choose to view it with a critical eye. Because, this is a dysfunctional family, who have failed to discuss the realities of what happened to them over a period of time. This is simply a metaphor, however, for the complexities surrounding the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade-about why did some “African” nations agreed to sell us into slavery? And, why didn’t they come to rescue us? Why didn’t their ancestors tell them about our suffering in the Hells of North America and abroad?
Yes, these are some of those perplexing questions left unanswered along with others like: Why do “some” Africans or “Wakandans” think they are better than us? And, why do some “Africans” continue to be tricked by “Westerners, or the White Political Structure,”with the assistance of the CIA, who offer their “corrupt” leaders nothing but “meaningless” political power and “worthless wealth”.
See, many historians, feel the roots of the Black Panther may stem from the Revolutionary Leader Patrice Lumbuma, who was assassinated in the Congo by the CIA and the Belgium government because the country was enriched with Plutonium and Uranium, which was later utilized by the United States in order to make the Nuclear Bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Friday, May 18, 2018


By Eric D. Graham

Warsaw Town Manager Scotty Summerlin told The News & Observer that Officer Frank Moss has been placed on administrative leave after the arrest of 22-year old Anthony Wall, who “allegedly” got into a verbal altercation on May 5 with a Waffle House employee in Warsaw, North Carolina, who made two 911 calls, stating “We need the police officer at Waffle House, uh, we got a riot going on, and I mean quick." went viral and ended up on the national news.

The video, which has been viewed over 1 million times after being posted by Wall on Facebook, showed the arresting officer, Frank Moss choke slamming the young man, who was in a tuxedo to the ground, before placing him in handcuffs.
“I was not threatening [the officer], he never said anything to me, he grabbed me and slammed me against the window,” Wall said.

Despite all the media coverage, however, Warsaw Mayor A.J. Connors said the incident was not racially motivated. Connors, in a video statement, in fact, said…”This was just a young man who had broken the law, and a law enforcement officer arrested him. And unfortunately physical contact took place because he refused to cooperate or follow the — or obey the law. "

Now, Wall is "claiming" he was subjected to a homophobic slurs, when the Waffle House employee “allegedly” called him a “faggot,” while physically threatening him.

 Wall's lawyers and the NAACP Legal Defense fund are now seeking the release of all audio and video from the night of his arrest, including police body camera footage, dashcam and surveillance video.

The Warsaw Police Department, District Attorney Ernie Lee, the State Bureau of Investigation, FBI and the N.C. Department of Justice's Law Enforcement Training and Standards Commission are also investigating the incident. (by Eric D. Graham) (

Thursday, May 17, 2018



Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Donald Trump for "having the courage to keep his promises to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the holy city as Palestinians rallied for the Gaza March of Return protest on Tuesday, which left 60 dead at the hands of Israeli forces and more than 2,000 injured due to gunfire or tear gas, which also included the death of eight-month old baby, who inhaled the tear gas at a protest camp on Monday.

Monday's violence, which Palestinian leaders called a massacre, was the bloodiest since the 2014 Gaza conflict.

BOBBEE BEE: Condemns Slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza

by Ajamu Baraka

While the delegation from the Trump administration and leaders from various parts of the world gathered in Jerusalem to witness the illegal and immoral move of the United States embassy to that beleaguered and contested city, Israeli soldiers were slaughtering unarmed Palestinians in Gaza. The latest report numbers the dead at more than 50 with hundreds wounded.

The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) demands that the United States condemn Israeli state violence and the use of U.S.-supplied weapons to murder unarmed Palestinians, a violation of U.S. law. Guidelines for the sale and transfer of military equipment stipulate that U.S-supplied arms cannot be used in the execution of human rights violations.

BAP further calls on member states of the United Nations Security Council to convene immediately to address the Israeli government’s blatant violation of humanitarian and human rights law and its threat to the peace.

However, BAP is clear that responsibility for the barbarity that the world is witnessing does not just rest with the Israeli colonial state. The systematic violence of ethnic cleansing, house demolitions, exile, assassinations, land thefts, bombings, and the denial of water and other vital services that provide basic dignity could not have occurred without the ongoing support from the U.S. and both major parties as well as the corporate press and every major institution of U.S. society including many churches.

Support for Israeli settler-colonialism has been the stated policy of both dominant U.S. parties along with a firm commitment to ensure that the Israeli government has the military means to not only sustain the occupation but to impose its military will on its neighbors in the region. The two-state solution was always a subterfuge for delaying actions on Israeli settlements and military containment policies represented most dramatically in the apartheid walls that crisscross Palestinian territories on the so-called West Bank in order to create new realities on the ground that would make a two-state solution impossible.

In accordance with the principles and values reflected in the platform of the Poor People’s Campaign and the stated support for that campaign by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, BAP is calling on both to condemn the attacks and join BAP in calling for intervention by the international community.

We believe this public stance is important because the recent decisions to sabotage the Iran agreement and give Israel a green light to escalate military aggressions in the sovereign state of Syria, coupled with the brutal violence unleashed against unarmed protestors in Gaza, provides unassailable evidence that both the U.S. and Israel have opted to operate outside the rule of law as rogue criminal states.

Therefore, BAP calls on the international community to use all means at its disposal to force the U.S. and Israel to comport themselves in line with acceptable international norms. It is quite obvious to us that absent pressure from the international community in the form of arms embargos, economic sanctions and universal moral condemnation, both states will continue to be global threats to peace and international outlaws in relation to human rights.

Contact: Ajamu Baraka Go to the Black Alliance for Peace web site at

Monday, May 07, 2018


If, you don't know.....the triple threat of terrorism resides in Saudi Arabia-in the form of Wahhabism, in the United States with its wicked form of Imperialism, and by way of deception, through the usage of Zionism in the apartheid state of Israel. Therefore, it is insane for us to suggest that Assad should be removed from power, due to the false flags being promoted by the nightly news that he used chemical weapons to gas his own people in Syria with very little evidence.
Especially, when the Trump administration approved the sale of $1.3 billion in American-made artillery to Saudi Arabia in order for them to bomb Yemen, while pressing the same-Saudi government to end its blockade of food, water, and fuel by allowing their rare humanitarian efforts to the country.
This is unbelievable. Because, the US is aiding both sides. One with bombs; the other with food. However, their double-dealing is symbolically expressed on the dollar bill with the image of the Eagle, that possess olive branches (representing peace) in one of its claws. While in the other claw, it possesses arrows (representing war.)

This is a disturbing reality. But, we can't forget, while Israel fears Iran developing nuclear weapons, they secretly-or knowing have up to over 400 nuclear warheads; which would make it the world's third biggest arsenal.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is currently indicted for crimes involving fraud, breach of trust, and bribes in two corruption cases, however, recently tried to deny this fact in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Stay Awoke My Friends. (by Eric D.Graham)


"Don't let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ." Col:(2:8)
Sometimes, we must utilize the lives of others and make them our books, in which, we should study in order to learn from their success as well as their failure. This week's Sunday School lesson is about the Cult of Black Celebrity, which came from our “beloved” brother Kanye West, who showed us, despite all of his Narcissism, that Black success still desires white validation, which usually comes in the form of award shows-that, unfortunately; offer us nothing-but “valueless” trinkets, trophies, and toys. West, with all of his accolades and arrogance, proved that this “stuff” still matters to him and us, with his past on-stage antics-when he interrupted singer Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Because, BeyoncĂ©’ didn’t win….
Yes, West has morphed into an extreme exaggeration of the Cult of Black Celebrity, who, “unsuccessfully,” try to escape from their blackness by buying into whiteness, while living in a Black body in the white space of Hollywood. Whether, it comes in their desire or fetish to have a white lover-or their odd promotion of some form of white supremacy. In Kanye’s case, he expressed it by proudly wearing a “Let’s Make America Great Again” hat and foolishly saying that- “slavery was a choice,” which seemingly came straight out of the Alt-Right handbook- that would, in his mind, allow him access into a world of unattainable white wealth.

We saw this play out on Celebrity Apprentice, where Donald Trump constantly fired and embarrassed former celebrities, who still desired the attention and adulation from their fictional boss. Unfortunately, being on the show never really paid off for anyone, who chose to be humiliated on it. For instance, the hated Black villain-ness, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, despite her loyalty and devotion to Trump,eventually found herself getting thrown under the segregated bus as well as out of the White House.
See, no matter, how Kanye or Omarosa tried to tap dance around the real issue and the reality of racism, it still existed when Donald Trump's name was mentioned. So, whether West’s crazy appearance on TMZ, was a twisted plot on the Kardashian-reality TV show, a political distraction from the war in Syria, or simply a mental meltdown-or a mental breakthrough, according to Kanye. His actions, showed us that alleged “greatest entertainer ever” was metaphorically-living in “a house without mirrors,”-Michael Jackson-style, where somehow, he had forgotten about his own reflection as well as what he was reflecting to the rest of the outside world. Especially, in the land of Holly-weird, where attention has become the “new” currency, if people are willing to pay attention to it.
This attention, of course, is driven by trolls, who penetrate lost souls, with hearts, -seeking for love, bruised egos, with hateful comments- seeking for acceptance, and ideas, through like buttons, which get murdered if they are not liked or shared. Especially, if it is music, an album or an unwatched video.

Yes, we have all “secretly” had our Kanye moment, myself included, by posting our emotional comments and rants about people, who have hurt us, voicing our uninformed “opinions” on issues with little knowledge or political education about the realities of certain situation - in our quest to be “deep” or Facebook famous, while trying to obtain Trump like Twitter followers, by (sometimes) uploading ill-advised photos on Snapchat, with “hidden” desires to be Instagram Supermodels or PornStars by getting butt implants. Or, highlighting how gangsta-we really are-by foolishly displaying all our guns and drugs on our bed on Facebook, while bragging without fearing that someone watching it-won’t report our actions and location to the local police.
Yes, in the world of Reality-TV, this is the “craziness” of the Cult of Black Celebrity, which some say- is a form of cultural prostitution, where Black bodies, ideas, and expression, are used, abused, exploited, trashed and even killed after they are deemed useless-only to replaced by a younger model or version, who, unfortunately, fail to learn from the past of those that came before them. And, sadly, repeat the same mistakes.
See, unfortunately, our entertainers can never be our liberators. Because, they live for the applauds of others, where ever it may come from.....And, when the applauds start to stop-and the cheers begin to turn to boos. They begin to unravel and unfold.
Yes, Kanye showed us that he was only an “expression of wealth,” who was spiritually broken, while complaining about being financially in debt and a “slave” to his own “Dark, Twisted Fantasies,” where he believed that love and wearing a cheap-looking red Trump hat could somehow eliminate racism and change the landscape of American history in a blink of an eye. Because, despite all his alleged “Black genius, Black riches and Black mobility through materialism,” he still found himself powerless and pointless in the hierarchy of Hollywood, who only saw him as just an “Uppity,loud-mouth”Ni#**-that made beats and designed high priced sneakers for the fashion world, which he didn’t have access to.

See, regardless, of his so-called popularity and “free-thought” philosophy-(no different from Puffy, with his claims of purchasing the Carolina Panthers)- Kanye, found out, that he didn’t have enough cash to buy his way into the room. Especially, when nobody invited him to the party, in the first place. OJ couldn’t do it. Tiger couldn’t do it. Michael couldn’t do it. And, Bill Cosby couldn’t do it, either.
Therefore, maybe, Trump will give him some “Hush Money,” in order to shut him up like he did Stormy Daniels. Because, Bruh, you just got “F*#@ed,” without a condom. So, good luck, with the “new” album, they will probably give you a Grammy for it. Because, without knowing it, you have done so much to advance their cause…."But, brother, don't forget the lyrics of your old song; Jesus Walks cause the Devil is trying to break me down. (Source:Eric D. Graham)(

Friday, May 04, 2018


Dealing With the Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications
by Joel L. Young M.D.

The decision to take medication for a psychiatric issue is never easy. Some patients worry that this decision means they're no longer in control of their own behavior. Others worry about the stigma of taking these drugs, while some diligently hide their psychiatric drug use from friends and family.
Taking psychiatric drugs, though, is no different from taking medication for diabetes or an infection. And just as these drugs sometimes cause side effects, so too do psychiatric drugs. Sadly, many patients find that their concerns about side effects aren't taken seriously. Others are so frustrated by immediate side effects that they're unwilling to wait and see if the effects eventually dissipate. Psychiatric medications have the power to change your life, but often the positive effects take several weeks to materialize, while the unpleasant side effects manifest almost immediately.
If you're struggling with unwanted side effects, here's how to better manage them.

1. Talk to Your Doctor
If your side effects are interfering with your life, your very first call should be to your doctor. Psychiatric drugs change brain chemistry, so it's not safe to suddenly stop taking them on your own—or worse still, repeatedly stop and restart.
2.Wait and See
It might sound like the reassurance of a doctor who just wants to keep you on your drugs, but it really is true: a lot of side effects go away as your body adjusts to the drug.

3.Looking at Lifestyle
Psychiatric drugs don't operate in a vacuum; these drugs must interact with the environment you provide for them and yourself, which means that lifestyle issues often figure prominently in psychiatric drug side effects.
4.Look into Lowering the Dose
Sometimes the dosage of a drug is just too high. If you find yourself getting jittery, or if the drug is working but is producing unpleasant side effects, this is a good indication that you might need a lower dosage
5.Try a Different Medication
The world of psychiatric drugs is a tricky one. Some drugs just don't work for some people, and no one really knows why. Unique body chemistry, different lifestyles, or even different subjective experiences of side effects might all help explain the phenomenon. (Source:PsyToday)


May Day!! May Day!!-Pray for Kanye
by eric d.graham

May Day- by definition is an international distress signal. We saw that distress in the anxiety, sorrow, heartache, desolation, despair and suffering in the "words," "eyes," and irrational thoughts of Kanye Omari West live on TMZ two days ago.
With that said, let's understand or "overstand" that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Therefore, in the world of Hollywood, we can't be surprised that rapper Kanye West became the "face" of Mental Health on May 1st.

Why? Because, it is "obvious" Kanye has a form of mental psychosis, where he has shown symptoms,which include:disorganized or scrambled thoughts, paranoia, delusional thinking, immense fear or anxiety, impaired speech or ability to write clearly and logically, and hallucinations.
Along with the possible mental psychosis, Kanye also-according to his own confession-is experiencing a form of addiction to opium and possible opiate withdrawal symptoms. This has been shown in his false belief as well as his distacthment from reality about who he is, what he is hearing and what he is seeing. (For instance, ...that slavery was a choice, that he is Jesus, that he is running for President and that he is the "greatest" artist ever..etc, etc)...

Even though, Kanye said...he became addicted to "pain-killers" after having undergone liposuction in 2016, I believe he is trying to "kill the pain" from the death of his mother Donda West, who died on Nov. 10, 2007 due to a cosmetic procedure.-(Let's not forget Mother's Day is next week as well)
Many of us, if we are honest, like West , also have difficulties dealing with the death of a close love one. Some psychologists believe that there are 5 stages of Grief, which include: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

So, even though, many believe Kanye is a "fallen star," with a shattered ego, who is more "addicted "to attention rather than "drugs", that is using all of this manufactured Karadashian style controversial to sell an album, we must be careful-he does end up like Whitney, Prince, Michael, Amy Winehouse, Chris Cornell or Kurt Cobain due to our lack of compassion for this "troubled soul." (

Monday, April 30, 2018


Congratulations!!! to Penn State's 6'0 233lbs.(Running Back)Saquon Barkley, who is from the Bronx, New York for being the No.2 overall pick of the New York Giants in the 2018 NFL Draft last night.

Barkley, while at Penn State ran for 3,843 yards with 43 rushing touchdowns, while garnering 1,195 receiving yards with 8 touchdown receptions and received national attention by finishing fourth in the Heisman trophy voting, will join forces with 2-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning and controversial wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. this season (Source: E.Graham)