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BOBBEE BEE: JUST "STATE-ING" THE FACTS (Native American Origin of State Names)

 Alabama-Alabama is the name of an Indian tribe native to the state. This tribal name may have come from the word albina, which means "campsite" in their own language, or from the words alba amo, which mean "clearing brush."
2. Alaska-Alaxsxix, which is a name from the Aleut language. This name means "place the sea crashes against."
3. Arizona-Arizonac, which is a Spanish corruption of a local Indian name-- possibly the Tohono O'odham word alishonag, which means "little spring."
4. Arkansas-Acansa, which is the name of a Quapaw Indian town. Literally the name means "southern place."
5. Connecticut-Quinnitukqut, which is the Mohegan Indian name for the Connecticut River. Literally the name means "long river."
6. Delaware -Named for Lord De La Warr, early governor of Virginia; first applied to river, then to Indian tribe (Lenni-Lenape), and the state.
7. Hawaii -Possibly derived from native word for homeland, Hawaiki or Owhyhee
8. Idaho -A coined name with an invented Indian meaning: "gem of the mountains;" originally suggested for the Pike's Peak mining territory (Colorado), then applied to the new mining territory of the Pacific Northwest. Another theory suggests Idaho may be a Kiowa Apache term for the Comanche.
9. Illinois-Illiniwek, which is the tribal name of the Illini tribe. Literally the name means "best people."
10. Indiana -Means "land of the Indians."

11. Iowa-Ayuhwa, which is one of the tribal names of the Ioway Indian tribe. Literally the name means "sleepy ones."
12. Kansas-Kansa, which is the name of the Kansa Indian tribe. Literally the name means "south" and is a shortened form of their own tribal name for themselves, People of the South Wind.
13. Kentucky-Kentake, which is an Iroquois place name meaning "meadow land."
14. Massachusetts-Massachuset, which is a Wampanoag Indian name meaning "by the range of hills."
15. Michigan-Mshigem or Misigami, which are the native names for Lake Michigan in the Potawatomi and Ojibwe languages. Both names mean "great lake."
16. Minnesota-Mnisota, which is the native name of the Minnesota River in the Dakota Sioux language. Literally the name means "cloudy water."
17. Mississippi-Misiziibi, which is the native name of the Mississippi River in the Ojibwe language. Ojibwe is not actually a native language of Mississippi state-- the language is spoken near the source of the Mississippi River in Minnesota, which is where the river got its name, and the state was later named after the river. Literally the name means "great river."

 18. Missouri-Missouria is the name of an Indian tribe native to the state. Their tribal name came from the word mihsoori, which means "big canoe people."
19. Nebraska-Nibthaska or Nibrathka, which are the native names for the Platte River in the Omaha-Ponca and Otoe languages. Both names mean "flat river."

20. New Mexico-Of course, New Mexico was named after the country of Mexico, but since Mexico itself is named after an American Indian word, the state of New Mexico is also! Mexico is a placename from the Aztec Indian language (Nahuatl.) It literally means "city of the Aztecs."
21. North Dakota-Dakota, which is the tribal name of the Dakota Sioux Indians. Literally the name means "the allies."
22. Ohio-Ohiyo, which is the name of the Ohio River in the Seneca Indian language. Literally the name means "it is beautiful."
Oklahoma-Okla Homma, which means "Red People" in the Choctaw Indian language.
23. Oregon-This was a name given by early American settlers to the Columbia River. It was probably a Native American name which the settlers brought with them from another state, since it does not resemble names from the Native American languages of Oregon. It may have meant "beautiful river" in an eastern Algonquian language.
24. South Dakota-Dakota, which is the tribal name of the Dakota Sioux Indians. Literally the name means "the allies."

 25. Tennessee-Tanasi, which was the name of a Cherokee Indian town in the region. Although "Tanasi" was recorded as the Cherokee name of this town, it does not specifically mean anything in the Cherokee language (just as many English place names are not specific words.) It may have been a shortened form of a longer Cherokee word or phrase, or it may have been named after a Cherokee person.

26. Texas-Taysha, which means "friend" in the Caddo Indian language.
27. Utah-Ute is the name of an Indian tribe native to the state. This tribal name may have come from the word nuutsiu, which means "the people" in their own language.
28. Wisconsin-Wishkonsing, which is the Ojibwe name for the Wisconsin River. However, this word does not have a specific meaning in the Ojibwe language, and none of the Ojibwe Indians in our organization knows any oral traditions about where the name came from.

29. Wyoming-Chwewamink, which means "by the big river flat" in the Lenape Indian tribe. The Lenape Indians never actually lived in Wyoming-- it was originally the name of a town in Pennsylvania, and white settlers from that area brought the name with them when they moved west. (Source: AmericanIndians)

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The staff of Black felt this article was worth re-publishing, especially on this day in which America celebrates the massacre of the original inhabitants of the land.
by Eric D.Graham NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—Every year, we engage in the European cult ritual known as Thanksgiving. Not surprisingly, the NFL promotes this holiday with its Thanksgiving Classic, which is a series of games played during the Thanksgiving holiday since the league’s inception in 1920. This year’s game, however, had a little more meaning. Why? Because, while we were eating Turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce, the Washington "Redskins" will be playing the Dallas Cowboys, which highlights rookie sensation Dak Prescot against Kurt Cousin.. Yes, the classic battle between Cowboys versus Indians, which is the premise of American’s violent culture, was showcased during this year’s so-called Thanksgiving Classic. Plus, let’s not forget that psychologically the Dallas Cowboys are considered America’s team. Believe me, this is not a coincidence. And as much as I love a good conspiracy theory, this, however, is the reality of this sad situation. (Read my article I am dreaming of an all-white Christmas and an all-white team on BASN) Yes, this so-called Thanksgiving classic, should have been called a game of genocide. Why? Because, symbolically and subconsciously it represents the psyche reenactment of the American Holocaust, in which over 19 million Indigenous people were exterminated. Good Indian; Dead Indian  Remember, US Army General Phillip Sheridan said, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” This, however, wasn’t only Sheridan’s philosophy. It was also the military strategy of the United States government, in which Thomas Jefferson was also an advocate of and openly admitted with his own words. “They [Europeans] are nations of eternal war. All their energies are expended in the destruction of labor, property and lives of their people.” Some people, however, might not see it that way. But the truth, is the truth. According to Dr.Tinga Apidta’s book The Hidden History of Massachusetts: A Guide for Black Folks, Governor Joseph Dudley declared in 1704 a “General Thanksgiving”-not in celebration of the brotherhood of man-but for [God's] infinite Goodness to extend His Favors…In defeating and disappointing… the Expeditions of the Enemy [Indians] against us, And the good Success given us against them, by delivering so many of them into our hands… Old-fashioned fable Comedian Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, tried to make lite of the Day of Mourning for the Ingenious people by joking, I celebrate Thanksgiving an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.” Unfortunately, despite Stewart’s attempt to be funny, this was the real history of Thanksgiving, even though we continue believing in the fairy tale rendition of Pilgrims and Indians holding hands and praying together. Why? Because, there is nothing hilarious about the Holocaust involving the death of 19 million First Nation people, through the methods of constant warfare, chemical warfare through smallpox filled blankets, disease, sterilization, the 1830 Indian Removal, assimilation through education, the slaughter of the Buffalo, colonization, starvation, and reservation.

native_north_american_genocide_by_sabotsabotThe myth and the massacre

Despite all of this, every year through out America, elementary school teachers continue to dress up little children in these stupid black Pilgrims costumes with those big buckled shoes and place feathers on their innocent little heads as if it was a made for Disney movie version of Pocahontas and John Smith, while sitting down for a big dinner, singing “One Little, Two Little Indians” with a table filled with pumpkin pies and cranberry. Glen Ford, the Executive editor of Black Agenda Report, wrote an excellent article entitled The end of Thanksgiving: A Cause for Universal Rejoicing which brilliantly dissembled this myth, which has become apart of the so-called American dream and lexicon. The fable (of Thanksgiving) attempts to glorify the indefensible, to enshrine an era and mission that represent the nation’s lowest moral denominators. Thanksgiving as framed in the mythology is, consequently, a drag on that which is potentially civilizing in the national character, a crippling, atavistic deformity. Defenders of the holiday will claim that the politically-corrected children’s version promotes brotherhood, but that is an impossibility – a bald excuse to prolong the worship of colonial “forefathers” and to erase the crimes they committed. Those bastards burned the Pequot women and children, and ushered in the multinational business of slavery. These are facts. The myth is an insidious diversion – and worse.

native2 Ford was correct with assessment of this holiday which we shamefully celebrate as a day of thanks. Why? Because there were no turkey, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie served on that day but there were about 700 Pequot Indians slaughtered and killed by a savage group of Pilgrims. William Bradford, who was the former Governor of Plymouth at that time, chronicled the event by giving his first hand account of the great massacre of 1637 that marked the beginning of what we know as Thanksgiving today: Those that escaped the fire were slain with the sword; some hewed to pieces, others run through with their rapiers, so that they were quickly dispatched and very few escaped. It was conceived they thus destroyed about 400 at this time. It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fire…horrible was the stink and scent thereof, but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice, and they gave the prayers thereof to God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them, thus to enclose their enemies in their hands, and give them so speedy a victory over so proud and insulting an enemy.”

Shockingly, this day of mass murderer was proclaimed by Governor John Winthrop of Massachusetts as a day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day, as a national celebration, in fact, was originally called for by George Washington, who was a slave owner and made a regular holiday later by Abraham Lincoln, who some considered a white suprmacist, right before he signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865, which did not free the slaves, when he assigned the fourth Thursday in November as the day of celebration. (Read my previous article on BASN entitled: The Political Football: Secession, Lincoln, and Obama)

The sacred made shameful

Unfortunately, we have forgotten the true history of this day, in order to applaud touchdowns, missed field goals, and bobbled snaps. We have, in fact, rejected the natural and embraced the unnatural. We have shamefully accepted the killing of beautiful people, the theft of beautiful lands, the contamination of beautiful oceans and the pollution of sacred skies in order to foolishly celebrate the festivities of a football game. Matter of fact, we have reduced a sacred people into a few racists mascots and lousy logos like the Cleveland Indians’Chief Wahoo and the Washington Redskins. We sadly mock them by participation in Towahawk chops and chants during Atlanta Braves baseball games and Florida Seminoles football games, while some insensitive sports reporters write headlines like the Seminoles massacred the Gators. This is, however shear insanity being paraded in front of the world to see.

Seriously, celebrating Thanksgiving is like Germany having a day of celebration for the Holocaust. Let’s NAMnot forget that according to author John Toland’s The Autobiography of Adolph Hitler, Hitler’s concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history.

The North American Indian holocaust was also studied by South Africa for their apartheid program.


nATTNATTSAnd even though, we would like to cover our eyes to this bloody truth, and live in denial, we must as Princeton professor Dr Cornel West stated ” must always view the world through the lens of what took place on 1492….” And if 1492 is our historical reference point, …”when Columbus sailed the ocean blue” in the NiZa, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, which would eventually be utilized as slave ships, we can’t forget the genocide of the Ingenious people, with eventually led to the African slave trade. Therefore, in dispelling the myth of Thanksgiving, we also must shatter the myth of Christopher Columbus as well. First of all, we must realize that Christopher Columbus never set foot in what is North America, or the United States. Matter of fact, Norwegian settlers preceded his arrival in America by some five hundred years.

Second, instead of referring to him as an explorer, we should call him an exploiter, a gold digger, a mass murderous missionary, and a slave trader. Honestly, in his quest to find India in the Caribbean, he mistaken called the inhabitants of Hispanola, now modern day Haiti, Indians, while thinking Cuba was Japan.

Christopher Columbus

Historian Dr.John Henrik Clark remained us that when Christopher Colon set foot on Samana Cay, in the Bahamian Islands, he, in fact, set in motion western racism, colonization, mis-education, distorted history, and the bogus concept of the chosen people through a Manifest Destiny philosophy, which promoted the divine white right to conquer, kill, and Christianized another people . “In his mind, it was enslavement from the very beginning.” Clarke said.” His intention were not good. Evidence of Columbus’s evil intentions were written in a letter to Spain’s Queen Isabella, when he wrote: We can send from here, in the name of the Holy Trinity, all the slaves and Brazil wood which could be sold.” Plus, he added these words, to remove all doubt about his intentions. “We shall take you and your wives, and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault .” With that in mind, consider the fact that with Columbus’ arrival to the New World, who himself, was a professional slave trader,he along with his Spanish conquistadors killed up 5 million Tainos, whom were mis-named “Indians” in the Caribbean, within three years, according to primary historian of the Colombian era and Catholic priest Father Bartolome’de las Casas, who was an eye-witness to the destruction. De las Casas, in fact, wrote about it in his multi-volume “History of the Indies,” which was published in 1875. (The Spaniards) “thought nothing of knifing Indians by tens and twenties and of cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades. They forced their way into native settlements, slaughtering everyone they found there, including small children, old men, pregnant women, and even women who had just given birth. They hacked them to pieces, slicing open their bellies with their swords as though they were sheep herded into a pen. They even laid wagers on whether they could manage to slice a man in two at a stroke, or cut an individual’s head from his body, or disembowel him with a single blow of their axes. They grabbed suckling infants by the feet and, ripping them from their mothers’ breasts, dashed them headlong against the rocks. Others, laughing and joking all the while, threw them over their shoulders into a river, shouting: ‘Wriggle, you little perisher.’ They slaughtered anyone on their path …

Nothing worth celebrating

natsDespite these horrible facts, the United States of America still considers him to be a American hero worthy of celebration and praise. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, however, doesn’t think so. There’s nothing to celebrate,” said the Venezuelan president, who in 2002 signed a decree to change the name of its Oct.12 Columbus Day to the Day of Indigenous Resistance. “They executed an aboriginal every 10 minutes – the biggest genocide registered in history” Columbus Day, which was made a federal holiday in 1971, in fact, is one of only two holidays to honor a person by name, the other of course is Martin Luther King Jr. Not surprisingly, in a speech in 1989, President George Bush proclaimed: “Christopher Columbus not only opened the door to a New World, but also set an example for us all by showing what monumental feats can be accomplished through perseverance and faith.” These words alone from the former President of the United States should put to rest all of this “New World Order” talk, because it is actually an Old World Order, which the West have been practicing since they came in contact with the First Nation People of the earth.

Records and recorded history

So, regardless, of how much we celebrate the laser precision passes thrown by the Cowboy’s QB Dak Prescot, or how tender the turkey was, or how many times Tony Romo prays to get his starting position, we must keep the true meaning of this day always on our mine. (Read my previous article Testing the Testimony of Tebowism on BASN) Why? Because, originally, football wasn’t America’s favorite sport. It was the hunting and killing of “Indians” And as a famous football coach once said, “You are, what your record says you are."

natsasEric D.Graham, a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a B.A. in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio and Television, with a minor in History, with an emphasis in African-American Studies, is currently the Managing Editor of Black Athlete Sports Network, where his articles appear daily along with his controversial cartoon character Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Graham can be reached at or go to

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By Eric D.Graham
In the new & dark age of the Kardashians,  reality television, police terrorism, Black Lives Matter, and Kolin Kapernick refusing to stand for the National Anthem, the political upset of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump, who is the alleged “NEW” cult leader of White Nationalism, shook up the world and left many people in tears.
The political upset, however, was simply a “Reject to Elect” campaign.

Which means, that most people rejected the alleged “corruption” surrounding the political machine ran by the Clintons in order to elect an Washington outsider and New York City con-man named Donald J. Trump-instead.
It was, in fact, a process in which the people voted for the “Devil, they didn’t know instead of voting for the Devil, they already knew..”

Point Blank.
Ironically, this time, this bankrupt political ideology, of voting for the Lesser of the Two Evils backfired and left the world stunned in disbelief.

With that said, it’s disheartening to see and hear Black people –weeping and whining-about the presidential election result. Why? Because, it’s equivalent, in my opinion, to seeing and hearing “slaves” on a plantation debating which slave master is going treat them better.
I mean, really….

Donald Trump simply tapped into the minds of the unheard voices of “white bread” Americans, whom Hillary Clinton arrogantly and stupidly called a “basket of Deplorable,” without having to tap dance to the drums of Blacks, Hollywood Insiders, Mexicans, Feminists, or even Gays and Lesbians.  As a result, they used his celebrity status  as a so-called  "middle-finger to the establishment and a Molotov cocktail to the political system, which they felt was rigged, according to filmmaker Michael Moore.
With that said, Trump is really not a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or Conservative. He is a nationalist by theory and a white version of Don King by practice, who exploited the blind patriotism, sexism, racism, xenophobia of a large section of American that hated to see a Black man in the White House for the last eight years. So, maybe CNN political commentator Van Jones was correct with his “white lash” teary-eyed analogy.

But, this stuff is getting hilarious now. Because, now Black people are on Facebook saying that Trump maybe President-but Jesus is King.
Unfortunately, their desire for a Theocracy is not a part of the American Democratic process. Why? Because, even though the pollsters lied, Hillary lied, but the numbers didn’t.
In other words, Donald J. Trump, in 71 more days, will be the President of these United States by “hook or crook.”
So, get over it.

He won.
Now, we will have to deal with it- just like those who sat back angrily and watched Barack Obama, whom they claimed was the Anti-Christ when he occupied the Oval Office.
Unfortunately, however within hours of his presidential announcement, protesters began protesting the protesters. Why? Because, the people’s need to see a Hollywood fairytale ending of having a first female president was shattered in minutes. In other words, that glass ceiling will not be broken- this year or next year or the next four years.

Sorry, Hillary. Because, despite all your political qualifications, the Saturday Night skits, your husband’s sexual escapades, Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories, Sean Hannity’s hate-filled newscast, Rush Limbaugh's Limbaugh Letters, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Concert, Russian Hackers or Wikileaks, the people decided not to vote for you.
And even though, more people voted for HER than Trump.
She still lost.
So, I guess, the Trump was right.
The system is broken and the election rigged.
But, it's your party.
You can cry if you want to...
Eric D.Graham is  a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio & Television, with a minor in History with an emphasis on African-American Studies. Currently, he is a Sports Reporter/Columnist and Cartoonist for the Black Athlete Sports Network in Harlem, NY, where his thought-provoking articles appear on a weekly basis.

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by Matt Sedillo

So long as there is a ruling class they shall rule by fire and blood.”

The loathsome and shameless hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and the doctrine of lesseroftwoevilism has been laid bare this political season. This same Democratic Party that unquestionably rigged the primaries against the left-leaning Bernie Sanders campaign is now selling itself to the public as the savior of the downtrodden from the threat of an uber right wing candidate.
Hillary Clinton at this point in her election run appears to be making no promises to the public other than to not to physically morph into Donald Trump during her coronation come Election Day.

Lesseroftwoevilism is a bankrupt political ideology and the means by which the Democratic Party deadens any inkling towards decency or rational self interest that may lay dormant in the American electorate. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party intend to use the platform of "at least not being Donald Trump" to install the most despised Democratic candidate in a generation into the White House.

It is indeed horrifying that a straight up eugenicist billionaire who brags about sexual assaulting women won the Republican primary. It is terrifying that the cult leader of a white nationalist zombie apocalypse has gotten this far through the electoral process.

“There is no greater threat to the future of much of life on the planet than Hillary Clinton.”

The country is polarizing and it is terrifying to see that much of it is polarizing in the direction of Donald Trump whose campaign is defined by phrases like “Make America Great Again” quickly followed by “Mexico Will Pay.” Much of the country is also polarized in the direction of Bernie Sanders. It was the political apparatus of the Democratic Party, not the Republicans, that prevented these two competing visions from standing before the American public.

Setting aside the fact, for a moment, that we don't live in a democracy, it must be noted that lesseroftwoevilism in American politics is an ideology by Americans for Americans. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, AND Bernie Sanders are all advocates of the US war machine. If any of these three warlords were to sit in the seat of power children in far off lands would still be bombed in their sleep and be reported on as collateral damage.

Hillary Clinton is the most bloodthirsty advocate for murder and mayhem in a political system that thrives upon such practices. When it comes to dropping bombs, obliterating nations or possibly igniting a nuclear winter there is no greater threat to the future of much of life on the planet than Hillary Clinton.

Rainbow Coalition of Hawks 

Far beyond a “basket of deplorables,” the 2016 Republican national convention was a ghastly horror show of the most reactionary, bigoted elements of American political culture. Less than esteemed actor Scott Baio captured the mood when he proclaimed, “so of course let’s make America great again, but let’s make America America again.”  That largely captured the theme of the proceedings and most speeches were some variation upon that theme.

The Democrats in response sought to make their convention a big tent of peoples, ideas and movements. And indeed from the spontaneous chants of “black lives matter” to Tim Kaine leading a chant of “si se puede” to Eva Longoria reminding the audience “we didn’t cross the borders the borders crossed us” to Michelle Obama letting the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home know that slave labor built the White House and the country, from Sebastian De La Cruz singing the national anthem in full mariachi garb to the Khan family holding a copy of the Constitution, the Democratic National Convention did present itself as a stark contrast to what the GOP was offering.  
The theme of inclusion ran high and, indeed, current president Barack Obama made his call for strength in unity, explicitly saying “And most of all I see Americans of every party, every background, every faith who believe we are stronger together, black white, Latino, Asian, Native American, young, old, gay, straight, men, women, folks with different abilities, all pledging allegiance, under the same proud flag, to this big bold country that we love.” One flag to rule them all.

“America the greatest and most diverse nation on Earth shall ransack the globe as it sees fit.

General John Allen, standing before a multi ethnic group of people continued upon this theme and made the connection between a more inclusive union and explicit projection of American might
“Every American, in uniform or out, in the White House or at home, must be a force for unity in America, for a vision that includes all of us: every man and woman, every race, every ethnicity, every faith and creed, every gender orientation – all of us together pursuing our common values.

“From the battlefield to the capitals of our allies, friends, and partners, the free peoples of the world look to America as the last best hope for peace and for liberty for all humanity, for we ARE the greatest country on this planet.

“So we stand before you tonight to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America.”

The message could not be clearer. Sorry Donald Trump, we are all Americans here. No apologies rest of the world, America the greatest and most diverse nation on Earth shall ransack the globe as it sees fit.

The response to the white nationalism of Donald Trump has been the rainbow coalition of hawks as chiefly embodied in the persons of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton: The Obliterator of Nations

Hillary Clinton is a war criminal. So is John Kerry. So is Condoleezza Rice. So are Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright. The secretary of state in an imperialist nation is the immediate manager of the projected might of the empire they represent.

Hillary Clinton is known to be a war hawk for much the same reason Donald Trump is known as a white nationalist. She is blatant and crass about it.

“We came. We saw. He died” – Hillary Clinton on the assassination of Ghadaffi

“In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them” – Hillary Clinton speaking of obliteration of 75 million Iranians.

For much of the past few months the Clinton campaign have bemoaned a Russian conspiracy to reveal the words that Hillary Clinton actually wrote and thereby influence the American election.
Hillary Clinton’s neo-Mcarthyite cold war against her own words and general war talk on Russia should come as no surprise to anyone paying any attention. She was hawkish on Russia in their land dispute with Georgia over Ossetia, even going so far as to arm the Georgian government in 2010 less than two years after the conflict. She was warlike on the conflict in the Ukraine, promising Ukrainian government officials as recent as September of this year to stand with them against “Russian aggression.”

“A Clinton presidency is the will of the ruling class.”

This is the talk of someone prepared for a nuclear apocalypse.

It should be mentioned, however, that Obama has also dialed up his anti Russian rhetoric, as has Tim Kaine, as has Mike Pence. It is only the white nationalist orange demon -- guided only by his own whims and twitter feuds -- that is at all off script on this question.

Ultimately a Clinton presidency is the will of the ruling class. If she wants war it is a reflection of their desire for war. If they want the bombs to fall then death will rain from the sky.  So long as they hold power they shall exercise it. So long as there is a ruling class they shall rule by fire and blood, because there truly is no alternative. Because ultimately, this is about Clinton and then again it isn’t. And this is about the Democrats and then again it isn’t. This is about the US and this is about war. Hillary Clinton is a 2016 warlord. War is a racket. And so is this God damn election.
Matt Sedillo can be contacted at

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BOBBEE BEE: Malcolm X on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

by Bruce A. Dixon

It’s that time again, it’s presidential election season, and as we hear every four years, THIS is the most important presidential election of our lives. The fact that you’ve heard that before should tell us something. It should SHOW us that in presidential years, many old things becomes new again, often because so much of what we’re told IS new is really pretty old.

Malcolm X has been dead now a half century, dead for more years than he was ever alive. But since at least one of the tricks and traps deployed to fool, frustrate and neutralize our grandparents’ right to vote hasn’t changed much we might want to listen carefully to what Malcolm’s words in the aftermath of the 1964 presidential election.
If Johnson had been running all by himself, he would not have been acceptable to anyone. The only thing that made him acceptable to the world was that the shrewd capitalists, the shrewd imperialists, knew that the only way people would run toward the fox would be if you showed them a wolf. So they created a ghastly alternative. And it had the whole world — including people who call themselves Marxists — hoping that Johnson would beat Goldwater.”

Like today’s Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater was a truly reprehensible and frightening figure, who had opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that banned racial discrimination in public accommodations, and who favored the use of nuclear weapons to defoliate the Vietnamese countryside. Also like Donald Trump, Goldwater never really stood a chance of winning the election. Goldwater the wolf was buried beneath a Johnson landslide, carrying only 6 out of the 50 states. Republican officeholders are running away from Donald Trump not because he’s a racist buffoon but because he’s expected to lose states Republicans are accustomed to winning.
The fox, Lyndon Baines Johnson went on to start a war in Indochina that killed three million Vietnamese alone. LBJ defoliated the Vietnamese countryside with millions of tons of Agent Orange instead of nukes, causing hundreds of thousands of hideous and gruesome birth defects that continue to this day.

The wolf and the fox this year are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump is a real estate con man, a racist and a hyper-entitled sexual predator who talks about building walls and banning Muslims. Fortunately for us all, Trump has never been in government. Hillary has scarcely ever been out of government. She’s fronted for Wal-Mart, executed bloody regime change in Libya, brought US troops to Ukraine on the Russian border, and publicly itches for a showdown in Syria. Thanks to Wikileaks there is copious evidence that Hillary’s public stands on a wide range of issues from charter schools to so-called trade agreements, to fracking and social security stand in stark contrast to the promises she makes to the powerful.

Just as it worked 52 years ago, the overwhelming defeat of her wolfish opponent will give Hillary the appearance of a mandate. But the margin of Hillary’s victory provides those of us on the left an unprecedented opportunity. It means there is no need for those who imagine themselves on the of jobs, justice, peace and the planet to ride to Hilllary’s rescue and ensure the defeat of Donald Trump. Trump has already beaten himself.

This election is our best chance to break out of the decades-old two party trap and build a new political force, a new political party. The Green Party is the only peace party, the only party that stands for people and planet over profit, and our only opportunity to vote our hopes, not our fears. It’s time to choose.

We vote Green and build Green, we can consign the political conundrum Malcolm X eloquently described a half century ago to the garbage can of history. Or we can vote for Hillary, and Malcolm’s words will be as applicable four or eight years or twenty years from now as they have been for the last fifty. For Black Agenda Radio I’m Bruce Dixon.
Bruce Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report and the co-chair of the GA Green party.   He lives and works near Marietta GA and can be reached at

Friday, October 28, 2016


by Eric D. Graham

 According to Author Jeff Chang’s book We Gon’ Be Alright, the racial apocalypse is the recurring “white” American narrative in which the civilizers, the chosen people meant to fulfill their diversity, are overrun by the savages, the barbarians who embody chaos and ruin.

Matter of fact, the racial apocalypse is part of the DNA of American culture-Buffalo Bill Cody’s cowboys and Indians show and D.W. Griffth’s The Birth of the Nation.

It’s in the series told about the Alamo, General Custer, Reconstruction, the Sixties. It’s even there in the fixation on the Civil War, Lincoln’s Life and assassination and the common disappearance of slavery from that story.

 So, in the southern heat of 2009, Tea Party activists appeared under Confederate flags bearing signs that read “Bring Back “We The People,”Trump’s Birther Campaign followed. And by 2016, Trump supporters and voters appeared at his rallies “talking about building walls, closing borders, checking papers, and sending people back where they came from.”

Therefore, when potential presidential candidate Donald Trump came to Duplin County on September 21, the security inside and outside the Duplin County Event Center was extremely tight.

 But, despite all the flashing cameras and nosey news reporters roaming the parking lots, one revolutionary act slipped under their radar.

 That incident involved Elizabeth Meyers Murphy of Wallace, NC, who is a graduate of James Sprunt Community College.

 Murphy, whose husband (Tracey) is Black, said while living in the small southern community of Duplin, she has seen her “fair” share of racial profiling.

 According to Murphy, while her husband was working as a pizza delivery driver, in uniform, with the sign on his car, he had a police officer, lights flashing, pull him over, in front of his place of employment, because he “fit the description.”

 “I sit and worry about him every time he is late getting home...” she admitted.

 With incidents like this fresh in her mind along with the reports of unarmed Black men getting murdered by police on the Nightly News, Murphy felt she was obligated to take a stand when she discovered that Donald Trump was coming to Kenansville. Especially, with all the racist rhetoric surrounding his past rallies, as well as, his recommendation of re-impending the unconstitutional stop and risk policy, which had been practiced by the New York Police Department. 

Matter of fact, according to analysis conducted by the NYCLU, that same stop and risk policy, which Trump desired to re-impede nationwide, was revealed to have subjugated hundreds of thousand Blacks and “Latinos” to racial profiling tactics, illegal stops and privacy rights violations.

With the knowledge of this unconditional policy, Murphy along with her friend Terrell Sutton, who became an ordained minister last year to perform her wedding, were not going to be bullied by the Trump supporters in order to make an every lasting statement during this historic event.  

I was very nervous heading in. We (Terrell Sutton) and I stood in line for a long time, listening to what was going on around us and seeing the signs along with the merchandise being sold. But, I said nothing.” Murphy explained. 

Despite their fear, Murphy and Sutton made a conscious decision to continue their plan even in a coliseum full of rowdy Trump supporters.

The plan.
Was simple.
Yet brave.
Get inside the Trump rally.
Without “looking suspicious.”
And reveal a Black Lives Matter Shirt.
Which, Murphy had cleverly hidden underneath another Tee-shirt that ironically had a peace sign on it. 

Unfortunately, Murphy’s plan was interrupted by two Secret Service agents, who surrounded her and Terrell and ushered them out of the Event Center.

I planned to get past the entrance (metal detectors) and then remove it (the peace shirt) to display the BLM shirt.” Murphy said.

“I wanted to make sure I made it to my seat and make sure the statement showed up on the news. Unfortunately, however, after we got in the building, several secret service agent came over and circled the two of us.” 

After being stopped by Secret Service Agents and pulled out of line, Murphy alleged that they asked her what was on her shirt and was there any words on it. She claimed that she said a picture of a silhouette of a woman with the words Black Lives Matter. With that knowledge, the Secret Service Agents allegedly asked Murphy and Sutton to leave the rally. 

“My friend asked why (the only thing he had said the whole time) and was told he needed to leave, too. I asked the guy why we couldn't talk where we were, and he wouldn't answer me. Murphy admitted. 

I asked a couple more times, and he just kept telling me to come with him. Once he got us just outside the gate, he got right on top of me and told me we had to leave. I asked why? And, he repeatedly said I had to leave. I said that I had tickets and had only been standing quietly in line.” explained Murphy, who has been keeping herself political aware by watching the political debates. 

Despite having tickets, and tents outside selling Tee-shirts with statements like Deplorable Lives Matter, Trump The Bitch, and Hillary For Prison, Murphy’s Black Lives Matters shirt was still considered offensive. As a result, she was again told to leave. Not only from the event. But, from the parking lot.

“I guess they (the Secret Service) had informed the police what was going on as we were walking out because 4 or 5 of them had formed a circle around my friend and me.” Murphy wrote. 

 According to Murphy, after being told to leave the premises, they were escorted back to their car by two officers and watched very closely. When asked why they had to leave, they were told that they were inciting a riot. By this time, the officers ran their license plates, while another officer stopped traffic in order for them to leave.  

I hear a lot of people that seem to have a profound misunderstanding of what the idea of Black Lives Matter even means. They only get their info from horrifically flawed and biased sources that always present the movement in the worst possible light. I had hoped they would see us and realize we weren't scary, we weren't there to fight, we have this idea that we believe."

Eric D.Graham is  a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio & Television, with a minor in History with an emphasis on African-American Studies. Currently, he is a Sports Reporter/Columnist and Cartoonist for the Black Athlete Sports Network in Harlem, NY, where his thought-provoking articles appear on a weekly basis.

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